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Flying Fox Chinese Sports Council (FFCSC) is a 501c3 organization that is active in organizing group sports and outdoors activities on the east coast.

Our members are primarily located in the metropolitan area. The organization has seen tremendous growth in the past couple of years, attracting many new members to join various activities, such as skiing, camping, hiking, rafting, cycling, running, etc.

FFCSC was founded with the objectives to promote sportsmanship among the younger generation, improve the relationship between the family members, and forge a strong connection among the local community and beyond. We believe that the engagement in sports activities will help to reshape our life in a positive way, both physically and spiritually. Our members have given their huge endorsement to our belief by joining our activities, playing a role to help, and bringing in their loved ones.

The organization is also proud of its charitable course - support juvenile with learning differences. While most families have been observing their children with healthy growth, both academically and physically, some of our friends in the community are less fortunate - their next generation suffers from various kinds of difficulties that impose huge challenges to these families. These families are strong and brave. They embrace the challenges with the greatest love and efforts. Life is not easy for them, and sometimes they see their kids being isolated or even mistreated. FFCSC wants to increase the awareness of those with learning differences and call for our community to give them the tolerance, the care, and the support, whenever and wherever you can.

Upcoming Activities

Living Life Downhill. If you're planning a mountain getaway at our ski resort, get a jump on the slopes by buying your tickets in advance online or booking your Learn To lesson today. Click on the links below to view our exciting upcoming activities.
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Helpful Resources

Our community is consisted of sports lovers from differnt places and various skills. To ensure that all are familiar with our sports event rules and guidelines, we strongly encourge you to check out our resource page for useful guidance and information.
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Your Opinion Counts

Our members are at the heart of everything we do at Flying Fox. Your opinion helps us to improve the way we organize our activities. Contact us at the link below. We highly value your feedback
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